Saturday, April 23, 2011

This Is Our Love Story

This Is Our Love Story, Not Other People, So Enemy Just GO Away From Our Life And Our Love Story :)

First of all, Thank You So Very Damn Much Ayniz Izzaty Binti Ayub, For Da Nice Entry :) :* <3
I Heart You Manyak2

maybe i cant do a nice blog like you, but every single that i wrote, its came from my little heart :)

i `m the lucky hubby that have you as my wife :)

really learn about love, relation and us :)

i cant live without you

your the one i wanna marry :*

what i can do is loving you with all i have, i hope that can make u happy to choose me as your hubby <3

lastly, i really love you and i dont want to lose you !

Mohd Azlan Shah Bin Mohd Shah Budin Heart Ayniz Izzaty Binti Ayub So Much !

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